It’s that time of the year! Teachers, Training, Total Fun in Learning. :-)

Nearly 130 Computer Science teachers from across India have been invited to IIT Bombay to attend a three-day Annual Teacher Training event designed to serve as a technology and pedagogy primer for the new academic year. Event organization is undertaken by us here at InOpen Technologies. (Note: InOpen worked on the development of the innovative Computer Science curriculum “Computer Masti” in collaboration with IIT Bombay.



Training events will take place in specialized batches that are programmed to cater to the unique needs of new teachers versus experienced teachers, rounded off by a Marathi-medium event. The three-day model will be executed over the Monday-to-Wednesday slot over the course of three weeks, serving each batch respectively: May 17-19, May 25 -27, and June 1-3, 2015.


The teachers will benefit from an enhanced TPACK training model, which reinforces knowledge of technology, pedagogy, attitude and content. Upon completion, teachers are equipped to transform their basic computer science class to a space for wider life skills learning. The training is based on the Computer Masti program, which is built on the principle of developing students’ thinking process skills above and beyond basic application software skills, and to nurture a healthy guided inquiry based learning classroom.



Other teachers participating in the Computer Masti academic program but unable to travel to IIT Bombay have the opportunity to attend one of six zonal events, namely, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Pune and Pondicherry. The zonal events are slated to take place in June 2015.

Be sure to join us at the Computer Masti facebook page to tune in to live updates on the events!

Tomorrow is the kick off the All India Junior Code-a-thon 2015! In the spirit of Global Scratch Day we want our kids to connect with their peers from around the world. We will be encouraging them to engage with projects online, and will also create video greetings that can be shared with kids from other events.

We are excited that we have already connected with one in South Korea – a big shout out to the folks at Gyeoung-in National University of Education who are also organising a Scratch Day event!!

All right – let’s have Tejas, Jyoti and Moz tell us what they think would be some great ways to connect with people from around the globe. :-)

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Stay with us over the weekend. We will be posting about our #ScratchDay events on our social media channels – we’d love to see you there!

Check us out –>  Facebook and Twitter.

Did you know?

If you sign up for the Junior Code-a-thon you receive support materials to get you going! We just want everyone to have an opportunity to learn as much as they can through this experience. In the last blog we talked bout the prizes for the winners of the Code-a-thon, but this time Tejas, Jyoti and Moz come to discuss the scope for learning during this event.

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Moz is right! The Scratch Max Kit is indeed available at the Computer Masti Online Store. Enhance your present level of Scratch know-how and have fun while doing it. You know, classic Computer Masti style. :-)

Three days to go until the Code-a-thon. In today’s strip, our Computer Masti friends Tejas and Jyoti learn about the fundamental principle underlying ANIMATION!
And just like them, all participants in the All India Junior Code-a-thon are encouraged to explore the myriad cool possibilities available in the Scratch application:  Create animations, build digital stories, or craft your own game!

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You can STILL join us for the ultimate All India Junior Code-a-thon 2015 – open to all kids aged 6 – 16 years. Interested? Tell us in THIS FORM!

Five days to go until we kickstart the most awesome kids code-a-thon of the summer!

Calling all students and young learners

between the ages of 6 and 16 years:

You definitely do NOT want to miss out in coding to compete in the All India Junior Code-a-thon 2015. For GLORY, For PRIDE, and an iPad mini. ;-)

Newsflash: Our pals – Tejas, Jyoti and Moz – are back for another sweet dose of the Computer Masti Comic Strip. It’s a special day for Jyoti!

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Come join us for the ultimate All India Junior Code-a-thon 2015 – open to all kids aged 6 – 16 years. Interested? Tell us in THIS FORM!


Scratch Day is just around the corner, in just over a week’s time. Our Computer Masti friends Tejas, Jyoti and Moz learn a few things over a little chat!

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YES!! Come join us for the ultimate All India Junior Code-a-thon 2015 – open to all kids aged 6 – 16 years. Interested? Tell us in this form!


*Comic authored and created by Abhishek Tayde, our super awesome InOpen Intern who, amongst other things, is an IIM candidate.*

Google form coverAs you know, we are organising a junior code-a-thon to celebrate Scratch Day (May 9). Kids aged 6 – 16 years are eligible to compete. ONLY eight days to go!

 So, how can one participate?



If you already know how to use Scratch programming application:
Step 1. Register your interest with joining us!
Step 2. Create Scratch project based on a theme given to by the Computer Masti team.
Step 3. Upload project to the online Scratch site.
Step 4. Submit the uploaded project’s url to us!

If you don’t know Scratch…yet!

No problem. You can join either an official InOpen facilitated event (select locations), or join local group get togethers (see point about “Hosts”) where peers and
volunteer facilitators and hosts can help you out! Once you get a hang of it, you can also do Step 2, 3 and 4!

What does it mean to be a host?

It’s pretty easy! To be considered an event host all it entails is holding a get together, i.e. bringing kids, computers together in one space. In terms of devices, if
you don’t have access to a lab, you can even make it a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) event. In terms of space and location – it can even be in your living room! Take
pictures of the event of kids working on their code, and we’ll feature you on our social media pages!

We are trying to empower local event hosts. To do that we have some amazing support materials, a FREE facilitator kit that will help you set up and to help you help
kids along. We’ve also got a poster designed just for hosts, which you can use to create awareness about your local get together. Hosts of the largest get togethers
will be felicitated with an award of appreciation!


I don’t think I can host, and there isn’t another local host near me. Can I still participate?

Sure thing! As long as you are registered with us and our working on projects on May 9 or 10, you are eligible to submit your projects to be officially considered for
the Codeathon. We will then simply treat you as an individual event. You’ll still go on the map as an event!


Potentially interested and want more information? Fill up this QUICK FORM, and we’ll be in touch. :-)

Winter Camp Kids working on their Scratch projects


We recently made a big announcement about our super cool – yes! – All India Junior CODE-A-THON 2015. Young learners aged 6 – 16yrs are eligible to participate, and stand to win prizes for coding projects that they create using SCRATCH. You can even host an event (bring kids and computers to gether in one place). To join us, come on and register your interest using this easy little form: (click!)

Hmm, but why are we so excited about Scratch anyway?

Scratch as a programming language is a very effective tool for nurturing 21st Century skills. What are these key skills we think will play a crucial part of getting on effectively in the new digital paradigm? Critical thinking skills, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity. Let’s see how Scratch plays a role in developing these.



Critical thinking skills
In order to create a project, students have to apply problem solving skills and divergent thinking to accomplish the goal. What does this look like? In any project, not just in programming, going from the idea stage to the output stage involves being able to visualise outcomes, organise and plan steps to reach there. The exercise of creating a fully working Scratch project engages young learners in doing just that! Also, for instance, Scratch contains various blocks (commands) as a way to convey instructions, and students have to evaluate which ones most effectively serve the purpose.


As far as local level is concerned, young learners can work with each other to problem solve, exchange images, ideas, especially in the formal classroom setting. . At global level, students have an opprtunity to extend their circle of interactions to peers from around the world! They can upload their projects to the official Scratch website, which works as a fun space to share, like and comment (much like Facebook!) on Scratch projects that they find interesting. The spirit of open source is very much woven into the fabric of Scratch design: 1) anyone can download the application, 2) anyone can upload their projects, 3) anyone can view your projects and leave comments/ advice, 4) anyone can take a project and actually add to it!


Winter Camp Kids working on their Scratch projects


SCRATCh enables students to communicate their ideas through a graphical user interface (as opposed to syntax based interface; think DOS prompt!). Scratch coders use colourful characters, backgrounds, sound effects – combined with logical reasoning and step-wise thinking – to create digital stories, animation and interactive games! To be able to work with a partner OR to present to an audience what their project make for great ways in which young learners can be given an opprtunity to articulate themselves.


Scratch projects encourage learners to think outside the box. For one thing, the interface is a happy array of bright stimulating colours! For another, the drag-and-drop feature of adding (instruction) blocks to “write code” allows kids to focus on the unfolding logic, rather than getting carried away by focus on right or wrong spellings and punctuation required by syntax based programming. To highlight an representative aspect within the Scratch application, it has what called the Paint Editor. What this means for learners is that they can step outside the set in-house design characters (sprites!), elements, and so on, and manipulate those of their own making!

Doesn’t that sound just splendid? We think so. :)

Scratch day poster 2015_Small

Student, Teachers, Parents, Schools, Community groups …anyone can participate, from anywhere! Isn’t that fantastic?

To register, fill this google form!

Keep reading for more details on What Role You Can Play:

(1) Create and Submit a Scratch Project!

Spend just one weekend creating a project using Scratch programming language, and the top performers from across India stand to win an iPad mini!

In addition, participants can join young peers from around the world to celebrate Global Scratch Day on May 9. This is a chance for students to showcase their project on a global platform.

(2) Attend a Workshop

Wait, I don’t know what Scratch is!” “I have limited Scratch knowledge!” “I want to learn!

No problem – you can still compete!


We are organizing summer camp style Scratch workshop so that you too can compete in the Code-a-thon. Choose your Scratch skill level: Basic – Intermediate – Advanced (graphic rep: Walking – Jogging – Running) Kids in all levels will create and be eligible to compete at their level.

What do you get?

  • Scratch application installer
  • Demo videos
  • Sample projects
  • Scratch flashcards
  • Extra Scratch character images


  • Free kit+
  • Learning Companion Rubric
  • Sample projects Booster
  • Scratch Learning Book (~100pgs)
  • Scratch Activity Book (~30pgs)
  • Code-a-thon Certificate

(3) Become an Independent Event Host
Just get together with a group of kids/your students and conduct quick Scratch project activities for a few hours – it’s that easy! You can be a school, community group, or individual – this is a chance to join a global community of programming mentors!

Computer Masti will:
->Help you set up your event on the official Scratch Day website
->Send you a FREE facilitator kit
->Consider all registered independent projects eligible to compete for the Code-a-thon!


Email us at

(Subject line “Junior Code-a-thon”)


Call Roshni Krishna @ +91 98195 28023